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California Private Student Loan Debt Attorney

Private Student Loan Debt Resolution Requires Experienced Counsel

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can assist you with your Private Student Loans. These types of loans require experienced counsel and there are no easy solutions.

But there ARE solutions! Do not buy into the fear the lenders are selling. Nor should you buy into the oversimplification being sold by “student loan assistance companies”. You can’t simply complete a form and make it all better.

Get the clarity, confidence, and control you need by talking to lawyers experienced in this type of complex debt.

Featured Case Results:

  • TRIAL VERDICT – EDUCAP vs. Client. EDUCAP hired Gaba Law Firm to sue our client on a Student Loan and demanded 100% of the total amount due. The case went to trial and attorney William Campbell defended the case. The judge ruled in favor of the defendant/student. Student/Client pays $0.00! (EDUCAP v. Client Monterey County Superior Court case # 16CV0021XX)
  • A $260,076.83 Navient account settled for $67,000.00
  • Client was sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust for $43,466.96.  Settled the case for $15,880.00 (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4 V. Client, Case#CIVDS15019XX)
  • National Collegiate Student Loan Trust sued our client in Marin County Superior Court  for $44,776.08 and CASE WAS DISMISSED for $0 (Marin County Superior Court  case # 15014XX)

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How to Resolve your Private Student Loans

First, Get off the payment treadmill to nowhere!

*View this Huffington Post article that quotes Greg Fitzgerald’s Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Paying Your Unaffordable Private Student Loans.

If you have not already done so, you should seriously consider defaulting on these loans. Although there are many factors involved (such as the loan amount) and you should speak to an experienced attorney first, we often recommend clients default on these loans when:

  • You can’t afford to pay them, or
  • You have no idea when they will be paid off. Would you buy a car or even a house when you have no idea when the payments would end? Of course not. The same goes for private student loans. Second, understand that Private student loans are unsecured debt and are no different than your credit card (except for how they are treated in bankruptcy). Given that bankruptcy is usually not available to you on these debts, strategic default is the only way to get out of debt in your lifetime on most of these loans.


Understand that Private student loans are unsecured debt and are no different than your credit card (except for how they are treated in bankruptcy). Given that bankruptcy is usually not available to you on these debts, strategic default is the only way to get out of debt in your lifetime on most of these loans.

As with any unsecured debt, there are only 3 things they can do to you when you default on a private student loan:

  • Call and write to you, demanding payment (having a lawyer as your representative will stop this)
  • Derogatory report on your credit
  • File a lawsuit against you- look at our case results and you will find that the only thing worse than a lawsuit is continuing to pay the full amount and never seeing the balance go down. Also, not all clients get sued!

Third, Beware Student Loan Assistance Companies!

Below is a list of some well-known student loan assistance companies that have been accused of several shady practices as published by NerdWallet (read the original article here).  Several of the companies listed below have been charged with various business violations including:

  • Illegal practices by a state or federal agency or found to have engaged in illegal practices by a judge;
  • Being managed by an individual who operates or has operated another business accused of illegal practices by a government agency or found to have engaged in illegal practices by a judge;
  • Being operated by someone who has incurred significant debts or a criminal conviction;
  • The business has been hit with liens for unpaid taxes; or
  • The business is Rated D or F by the Better Business Bureau.

If you’re working with one of the companies below, CALL US IMMEDIATELY!  Let us help you manage your debt and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!

A list of all companies on the watch list can be found here.


Academic Debt Alliance

Action Administrative Services

Advantage Student Loan Consolidation

Advantage Student Loans

Affordable Life Plans

Aiding Student Relief

Allied Doc Prep

AlphaOne Student

Amazing Marketing

American Student Aid

American Student Loan Consolidators

ASF Assistance

Benchmark Processing Inc.

Bright Futures Financial Corp.

College Education Services

College Financial Advisory

Consumer Assistance Project

Consumer Financial Resources

Consumer Protection Counsel, P.A

DFL International

Docs Done For You Inc.

Document Aid Relief

Done With Loans

Equitable Acceptance Corporation

First American Student Aid

First American Tax

First American Tax Defense

Freedom Student and Tax Defense

Global Financial Support Inc.

Good EBusiness



Help Assist Me Default Resolution Services

Interactiv Education

Lexington Doc Prep

Liberty Tax and Student Loan Defense

Life Cycle Student Loan Relief

Merrill & Hart

Miller Student Loan Consulting

Nation Wide Consumer Debt Relief Inc.

National Secure Processing

National Student Aid Care

National Student Aid Center

National Student Loan Help

National Student Loan Rescue

National Student Loan Solutions

National Student Loans

Nationwide Student Aid


Performance Debt Relief

Performance Settlement

Post Grad Aid

Private School Loans Relief

Reliant Account Management

Select Document Preparation Inc.

Select Student Loan

Select Student Loan Help

SL Programs


Strategic Debt Solutions

Strategic Doc Prep Solutions

Strategic Student Solutions

Student Advocates

Student Consulting Group Inc.

Student Debt Center

Student Debt Relief Group

Student Debt Resolutions Inc.

Student Debt Solutions

Student Financial Resource Center

Student Legal Services

Student Loan Consultants of America

Student Loan Counsel

Student Loan Educators

Student Loan Forgiveness Center

Student Loan Group

Student Loan Managers

Student Loan Processing.US

Student Loan Repairman Inc.

Student Loan Resolution Center

Student Loan Service

Student Loan Service Managers

Student Loan Services

Student Loan Servicing Center

Student Loans Processing Corp.

Student Reform Associates

Student Relief Center

Student Zoom LLC


Sunshine Document Preparation Inc.

The Center for Student Debt Reform

The Student Loan Help Center

The Student Loan Project

U.S. Student Loan Services Inc.

United Advisors Group

United Student Loan Division

University of One

US Direct Student Loan Services

US Financial Freedom Center