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California Student Loan Debt Attorney

Student Loan Debt Resolution Requires Experienced Counsel

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can assist you with both Federal and Private Student loans. These types of loans require experienced counsel and there are no easy solutions. Do not buy into the fear the lenders are selling. Nor can you simply complete a form and make it all better. Get the clarity, confidence, and control you need by talking to lawyers experienced in these types of complex debt.

Featured Case Results:

  • May 19, 2017:  $260,076.83 Navient account settled for $67,000.00 (a savings of over 74%!)
  • Client was sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust for $43,466.96.  Settled the case for $15,880.00 (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4 V. Client, Case#CIVDS15019XX)
  • National Collegiate Student Loan Trust sued our client in Marin County Superior Court  for $44,776.08 and CASE WAS DISMISSED for $0 (Marin County Superior Court  case # 15014XX)

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Our general advice on what to do on these loans depends on the type of loan: Federal or Private:

Federal Student Loans
Make sure you’re on the right plan!

Do everything you can to not default on these loans. They will never go away and you can find yourself in retirement and have your Social Security payments attached. If you are in default, there are only a few ways in which to get out of default and you need to talk to a lawyer. Even if you are not in default, you may not be in the best payment plan.

The government is providing more and more income driven repayment plans. Which is best for you? Should you change your plan? Are you eligible for forgiveness? If so, how and when? Is Bankruptcy an option? We can answer all of these questions and more.

When you set a consultation with one of our experienced federal student loan attorneys, we do an analysis on your loans before we speak to you. We then spend up to ½ and hour with you on the phone discussing each loan and what is best for you. Many times you can assist yourself after this consultation, but if you want more help, we can do that to.

Private Student Loans
Get off the payment treadmill to nowhere!

*View this Huffington Post article that quotes Fitzgerald’s Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Paying Your Unaffordable Private Student Loans.

If you have not already done so, you should seriously consider defaulting on these loans. Although are many factors (such as the loan amount) and you should speak to an experience attorney first, we often recommend clients default on these loans when: 1) they can’t afford to pay them or 2) they have no idea when they will be paid off. Would you buy a car or even a house when you have no idea when the payments would end? Of course not. The same goes for private student loans.

Private student loans are unsecured debt and are not different than your credit card (except for how they are treated in bankruptcy). Given that bankruptcy is usually not available to you on these debts, strategic default is the only way to get out of debt in your lifetime on most of these loans.

There are only 3 things they can do to you when you default on a private student loan:

  1. Call and write you demanding payment (having a lawyer as your representative will stop most of this)
  2. Derogatory report on your credit
  3. File a lawsuit against you- look at our case results and you will find that the only thing worse than a lawsuit is continuing to pay the full amount and never seeing the balance go down. Also, not all clients get sued!