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William J. Campbell awarded inaugural Second Year Distinguished Professor Award
by Student Bar Association of Trinity Law School

William Welcome

We are proud to announce that on Sunday, April 15, 2018, William J. Campbell was awarded the inaugural “2nd Year Distinguished Professor” award from the Student Bar Association of Trinity Law School in Santa Ana California. This year is the first time this award is being given out. The Student Bar Association of Trinity Law School awards this recognition to the Law Professor who has been deemed by the 2nd year law students to have contributed in a way that is meaningful in their education. We are VERY proud of Mr. Campbell in his being nominated and receiving this award and we offer CONGRATULATIONS! To us here at Fitzgerald and Campbell, this award is just another example of the excellence that Mr. Campbell commits to in any endeavor he undertakes

Service Goals

The only goal of our service is to get you out of debt for the least amount of money possible. Our law firm creates a personalized “get out of debt plan” which is custom made for your specific circumstances and flexible enough to change as needed.

In order to get out of debt for the lowest possible amount, you need to have access to all consumer protection rights. Creditors know that Fitzgerald & Campbell is an experienced “one-stop shop” that can and will protect you no matter what is required: from harassment to settlement, from lawsuits to contesting judgments, and even bankruptcy. This gives you much more negotiation power to resolve debts for less.

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Fitzgerald & Campbell is a Consumer Protection Law Firm unlike any other. We are a motivated, respected, and experienced law firm that provides affordable services that get results. Just ask our clients.

Dear Clients

From the beginning, our goal has been to re-focus consumer advocacy on the client and establish the best systems to serve their interests. We expect this year we will again double in size thanks to our client’s praise of our revolutionary process of affordable yet effective representation. Word is spreading and many of our clients are making referrals to us. While we have always believed we are our client’s best advocates, we are somewhat surprised to discover that you, our clients, are our best advocates! THANK YOU!

If you, a friend, or a family member are in need of legal assistance, we are standing by to be your advocate. Join us as we continue to redefine the way lawyers help consumers in real need.

– Greg Fitzgerald & William Campbell
   Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC