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California Second Mortgages & Junior Lienholders Harrassment Attorney

They’re Baaack! Many of you thought your second mortgage or HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) was long gone. After all, you were foreclosed on! Some of you even got a 1099-C on the account! Some of you still own the home and haven’t heard from the lender in Years! Second mortgage lenders are coming back and with a vengeance, now demanding you pay in full! Now that your home may have got some of its value back, along come the bankers! Our response is Admit Nothing, Demand Proof!

Featured Case Results

  • April 2014: American First Credit Union sued our client for over $230,000.00 in the LA County Superior Court alleging amounts due on a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit). We settled it on the day of trial for $35,000, saving our client over $190,000 dollars.
  • Sept 2013: Claim of amounts due after foreclosure: In settlement, client was paid $3000, negative credit reporting deleted, $160,000+ note and deed of trust “canceled”
  • Oct 2013: $54,500 home insurance subrogation claim against client settled for $0

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You Have Options

This really is uncharted territory, even for the lenders. You absolutely must have a lawyer review your individual case. There are tax issues, statute of limitation issues, acceleration issues, and even litigation issues. While the days of junior lien holders accepting 10% or even less are long gone, these debts can be settled for less than 100%. There are situations where the debt can no longer be recovered by the lender. It takes a strong legal advocate with knowledge of the laws on your side to fight back. Do not be intimidated by the amounts, lawsuit threats, or even the threats to take your home. Fitzgerald & Campbell can assist you to resolve these matters. Call to find out how.