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About Our California Debt Protection Law Firm

Fitzgerald & Campbell is a law firm dedicated to debtor's rights. We protect consumers and small business from creditors while resolving client debts by settlement, litigation, or bankruptcy. Our focus is clients for whom bankruptcy is not always available. We take the hard to handle cases and get results. At Fitzgerald & Campbell, our motto is: “Do not pay it until they can prove you owe it!”

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We currently have a staff of five lawyers and 23 legal assistants. Our lawyers have over 63 years of experience combined. Our staff is also experienced and most have been with us for many years. We are a California statewide practice with offices in Santa Ana, Ontario, Alameda, and Bakersfield. We have settled hundreds of thousands of accounts, litigated thousands more, and saved our clients millions of dollars. We post case results on our website (except those that have confidential agreements demanded by creditors).

Office_Group_cropped2-1024x252 ResumeOffice_Group_cropped2-1024x252 Resume
Office_Group_cropped2-1024x252 ResumeOffice_Group_cropped2-1024x252 Resume

We have an excellent reputation in our field of expertise and strive hard to ensure that our client experience is positive at a time when clients are at their lowest. We utilize the latest technologies to improve upon response times and case efficiency. We thank you for visiting our website and invite you to contact us if you think our team may be able to assist you.

Meet Our Attorneys!

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Gregory M. Fitzgerald, Managing Partner

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William J. Campbell, Jr., Partner

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Tamara L.  McNulty, Associate Attorney

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Nazanin Javanmardi, Associate Attorney

Code of Ethics

In the operation of our law practice, we are committed to the following principles and ethics:

  • We will be fair and honest in all relations with clients, courts, co-workers, opposing counsel and the public at large.
  • We will be responsible and exemplary citizens, always seeking to be a constructive member of our community.
  • We will constantly strive to improve upon all that we do.
  • We will conduct our business in a manner which will enable us to take pride in the services we provide.
  • We will act in a manner which respects the intrinsic value of each individual, regardless of race, sex, age, or station in life.
  • We regard these principles as imperative to the success of our law firm.

Mission Statement

The mission of Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC is to provide unparalleled client service, integrity, professionalism, and respect when delivering legal services to our clients.  In our pursuit of our mission, we are steadfast in our resolve to perform all aspects of our law practice to the best of our ability and with the utmost integrity.  We are a law firm that puts the needs of our clients at the forefront of our thought processes and we will execute the defense of our clients with compassion, empathy, excellence, and zeal.  We are a law firm that empowers our staff of legal professionals with the knowledge, authority, and ability to provide our clients an unequaled experience in the pursuit of their legal needs.  We are a law firm that embraces technology in all aspects of our practice so that improved communication and transparency allows our clients to be fully aware of all vital information regarding their case at all times.  Finally, we are an organization that cares for our clients and will stop at nothing to provide them a zealous defense against creditors who so often abuse the debtor.  We are the debtor protectors!