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Operations Team

Phil-Blende Operations

Phil Blende

Phil Blende is the Chief Opeations Officer (COO) for the firm. Phil has known Greg and William since 2009 when they all worked together at another law firm in San Bernardino County. When Greg and William decided to start their own firm, they asked Phil to consult on putting together all the IT systems they would need. Phil continued to consult for the firm until 2016 when he was hired full time to run the Operations for the firm. His duties include overseeing day to day operations of the firm, business development, marketing, personnel, growth strategies, and IT. If asked, Phil will tell you that the thing he likes best about working for the firm is that he gets to work with longtime friends in the completion of a goal set over a decade ago. He also enjoys working with the staff of the firm. In his spare time, Phil enjoys golfing, playing poker, reading comic books, and spending as much time as he can with his wife and their cats, Hayleigh, Mongo, and Tara.

Phil-Blende Operations

April Bayonne

April joined the firm as a Client Service Representative in October 2017. She is now part of our Operations Team, spearheading the massive task of documenting our many processes and workflows. She received her J.D. from the William H. Bowen School of Law in 2014 and her M.B.A. from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2016. With her extensive legal knowledge, she has already proven herself a critical asset to our Case Management team. In her spare time, April enjoys camping, hiking, and traveling, especially internationally. She is also working diligently to pass the California Bar Exam this year.