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Client Testimonial – Dwight Moore

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC is well versed in Fraud and Civil defense cases, all the way through to and including trial. It takes a special type of lawyer and law firm to successfully defend these cases. With over 65 years of combined legal experience, hundreds of trials, and former prosecutor experience, we know what it takes to win at trial.

We also know the challenges you face financially when someone accuses you of fraud or some other bogus claim. It can be financially devastating to have to defend yourself. Bigger and better-financed plaintiffs can bankrupt you, even if you can win the case! What you need is a lawyer that who can get you to the finish line, both LEGALLY and FINANCIALLY.


How do we do it?

First: From the beginning, we have a very candid and frank conversation with you about the realities of your case and what it will take to get you what you want. You must know this up front. Nothing is more frustrating (and potentially devastating) than to run out of money to execute your defense plan thru to trial. So many litigants hire the lawyer, the lawyer bills until all your money is gone, the lawyer is gone, and then you have no one at the most crucial time: TRIAL. If you can’t put on the trial defense, it does not matter how great the previous lawyer work was.

Second: You need to stay out of the lawyer games. Winning petty battles that sap your resources is a huge mistake. Those that win these cases, use all resources wisely. You must have a lawyer who knows (and will tell you) that the benefit of some motion or deposition or whatever else, may not be worth the cost involved. Most lawyers will not tell you this. They will only tell you that you must do this. More often than not the lawyer is either covering their ass, billing you as much as possible, or is being ultra conservative about every little detail (many of which never even are an issue at trial). You must be willing to make calculated decisions, all of which have risks and benefits and associated costs. Few people can take a scorched earth approach to litigation. Don’t be fooled into thinking you must do so.

Finally: Understand that many of these cases are not “strictly business”. Many times, it is personal. STAY AWAY FROM MAKING IT PERSONAL FOR YOU. That may be difficult, but like divorce, many times the only winners are the lawyers if you allow it to become personal. Remember your ultimate goal: end the litigation for as few dollars out of your pocket as possible. This can be more difficult when the other side is making emotional decisions that cost you more money. STILL: always make business decisions in the courthouse or face the poor house!

We can create a defense plan for you and your circumstances. We’ve successfully done it for others and we can do it for you.

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