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Debt Collectors May Currently Be at a Loss

debt collectors
  • Jun 2 2020

Debt collections are big business in the US, generally maintaining what is a billion-dollar industry. Many debt collectors live up to their stereotypes too, relentlessly trying to shake down stressed-out consumers for money they do not have to pay off debts—sometimes even becoming very ugly, harassing. and going beyond what is legally permitted.

Undeniably, money problems can cause enormous stress, affecting you on every level—emotionally, physically, and financially. Without the funds to lead your life as you are used to, you may begin to feel a bit hopeless, as well as frustrated and even angry. For most, these stressors and resulting negative feelings are being exacerbated by the CORONA-19 pandemic, as so many are forced to become isolated.

One silver lining, however, is that you may find your phone is much quieter than usual. While previously debt collectors were calling and driving you crazy, now there may just be unnerving silence. The truth right now is that most of us are unnerved by the uncertainty of the future. If you have lost your job or a significant amount of income, your greatest concern may be keeping groceries in the house and paying for essentials like utilities.

For now, however, you may be safe from numerous measures. Some states have blocked debt collections altogether while others like California have some limitations in place; for example, if you received a stimulus check, it cannot be intercepted by other entities attempting to satisfy a debt. If by unfortunate chance your money was garnished by a debt collector, it should be returned to you.

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