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Holed Up During COVID-19 After Being Served with a Collections Lawsuit?

  • Apr 28 2020

If you have fallen behind on your bills, you may have proceeded far beyond feeling hopeless or full of shame regarding such a predicament—you may have just given up. Unfortunately, this is all too common for consumers who may be struggling to pay not only a mortgage which is no longer in their price range but also a hefty car payment or two, multiple credit cards, and a long list of basic bills—all to be topped off with a whopping student loan payment each month which for some borrowers may average over $400.

No one wants to find themselves laden down with delinquencies, much less one or more defaults on debts as serious as student loans. The time to speak with a skilled debt protection attorney is early on when you realize there is little income to pay the bills and you do not expect the situation to get better anytime soon. In many cases, however, the situation may get worse before it gets better. With credit card debt, for example, you may have progressed from being slow on payments to being faced with so many late fees and such an increased balance that you just threw your hands up in the air and began focusing on paying for other priorities instead.

Credit cards are often the first bills to take a backseat to essential payments like the mortgage, car, and the basics—which are even more critical if you have dependents. The short-term consequences of such action on your part may be a flurry of daily phone calls and floods of mail. And while some debt collections agencies may be content to continue like that for years (even well past the statute of limitations in some cases), others are quick to roll out the collections lawsuits.

Process servers may not be knocking on many doors during the Coronavirus pandemic and self-quarantine of so many; however, if you are already in receipt of a summons and complaint, it is critical to reply—even if you think courts may be closed a little later than outlined for your specific date. This is a good time to get organized, speak with your attorney, and outline your answer, as well as beginning to strategize regarding a defense. You may be surprised—and especially in such dire times as these—how quickly a creditor or debt collections agency decides to back down upon being faced with a defendant who is going to put up a fight!

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