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Medical Debt is the Cause of Many Collections Lawsuits—Do you Carry More than the Average US Consumer?

medical debt
  • Mar 30 2020

While many US citizens certainly don’t agree on politics or the way healthcare should be transformed on a national level, most can come together in agreement regarding one thing: medical expenses can be overwhelming, and extremely distressing for the average household!

Even millennials are beginning to rack up substantial amounts of medical debt, with the average consumer in the US forced to handle the dilemma of what to sacrifice as they attempt to avoid further expensive care and treatment, or decide which bills to place lower on the priority list. Often this means that while the basics such as rent and utilities must get paid, credit card payments go south simply because there is no other choice.

The average individual in the US spends $10,000 a year on health-related issues. And while those figures alone may seem exorbitant, if you have been involved in a trauma like a serious car accident, or if you have or are experiencing a catastrophic illness, your bills may easily be in the six-figure range, leaving you feeling beyond stressed, and understandably hopeless at times too. You may be considering filing for bankruptcy, and especially if you have been served with one or more lawsuits for medical debt. This can be a very effective measure for getting back on track, and if you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you could be looking at having most or all your unsecured debts discharged within three to six months.

If you are being sued, speak with a collections lawsuit attorney from Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC as soon as possible to avoid extremely negative repercussions. If you fail to answer the lawsuit or to move forward with a defense against the creditor or debt collections agency, you may be setting yourself up for exponentially worse financial headaches in the form of garnished wages (up to 25 percent of your disposable income), property seizure and public auction sales, or levying of bank accounts. The default judgment does not just quietly go away either, as the first one is good for ten years, and the creditor can apply to have it extended for another ten.

Contact Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC now. Our attorneys have decades of experience in serving clients as they navigate through challenging financial situations, to include collection lawsuits, default judgments, and more. Let us review your case and discuss what would work best for you. We are here to help! Click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, or call us at (855) 709-5788, or email us at info@debtorprotectors.com.

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