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Collections Lawsuits: How Can Debt Collections Agencies Be So Disorganized?

  • Feb 13 2020

If you have fallen into severe money problems, your monthly payments may be divided among a wide spread of debts—many of which may seem impossible to pay if you have experienced a significant financial setback. For many consumers today, unemployment or a reduction in hours can cause a catastrophic escalation financially, making it impossible to pay unsecured debts like balances owed on credit cards. Soon it may be hard to keep up with the mortgage and the car payment, and the problem may continue to trickle into every part of your financial life until it could seem like filing for bankruptcy is the only way out.

You may find yourself suddenly barraged with phone calls from debt collectors, as well as discovering piles of paper in your mailbox daily, with much of it either offering alternative settlement plans or threatening you in subtle (and unsettling) ways. You may wonder how your life went from feeling comfortable and peaceful to dealing with the chaos of unpaid bills and aggressive phone calls from strangers who want debts satisfied, now.

Stress levels and pressure are generally taken to another level with the arrival of a collection lawsuit. You may have been very surprised to meet a process server at your door, or a deputy bearing lawsuit documents, but this is a heads up that legal action is being taken against you and you should act in your own defense and best interest with the help of an attorney.

This is not the time to go it alone, and with the help of a skilled collection lawsuit attorney, you may be extremely surprised to see how quickly the entire issue goes away. Upon filing a reply to the lawsuit and outlining a defense, the debt collections agency may decide you are not worth the time and effort as they are called out to produce documentation regarding your account. While this may be much easier for a creditor to do as they are the initial company that you signed up with, for debt collections agencies, disorganization is not uncommon. They may not be an extremely professional corporation, but much of their lack of paperwork is the fault of the initial creditor who will sell accounts and huge volumes but with little to no documentation regarding the history of the account – and often they make it impossible for the debt collection agency to get any information, which may be requested at the time of a lawsuit.

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