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Dead Broke? Don’t Let Collections Lawsuits Affect Your Physical Health Too

dead broke
  • Jul 2 2019

If you are in serious debt, your health is probably being affected in one way or another too. And although you probably don’t need data from scientists to back that up as you endure both emotional misery and physical misery, related to worrying and losing hours of sleep night after night. Current data does show, however, that even young people who have lost a significant portion of their earning potential suffer from heart and stroke issues, and even premature death.

“We assumed that income drops or frequent changes in income were probably not good for health, considering that these are thought of as stressful events. But we were surprised by the magnitude of the effect we saw, since we were looking at a relatively young population,” says Tali Elfassy, assistant professor of epidemiology in the department of public health sciences at University of Miami, and one of the study’s co-authors. “These were strong effect sizes.”

No one deliberately ends up in the type of debt that causes major financial distress, and few of us can enjoy our lives when the bills are continuing to pile up in the mailbox and debt collection agencies won’t leave us alone—despite knowing they won’t get paid anytime soon. The stress over money problems can feel uncontrollable, and especially because severe financial distress is usually caused by personal distress. Medical debt is, in fact, not only the number one reason that people go into debt, but also the reason they file for bankruptcy. You may have suffered a difficult illness or time spent recuperating from a bad car or motorcycle accident. Creditors can be sympathetic—but not for long.

If you have been served with a summons and complaint for a collection lawsuit, consult with an experienced firm like Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC as soon as possible. You do have options besides bankruptcy, but if that is the best plan in the end, a skilled lawyer can help you file for Chapter 7 (assuming you are eligible), allowing your debts to be discharged within three to six months. Without any attention to a lawsuit though, you may find yourself in further hot water—allowing your health to continue to disintegrate too in dealing with frozen checking accounts, property seizures as law enforcement arrives to take your assets to auction, and even garnishment of wages up to 25 percent.

We can help you explore your options if you are being sued or a judgment has been granted against you. Our attorneys have decades of experience in serving clients with similar financial situations. Let us review your case and discuss what would work best for you. We are here to help! Call Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC today for a free consultation at (855) 709-5788 or email us at info@debtorprotectors.com.


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