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That Court Judgment Can Be a Great Wakeup Call

court judgment
  • Mar 29 2019

Consumer debt has reached all-time highs in the US, rising to $14 trillion, to include student loan debt of $1.5 trillion, which is taking up a large chunk of that cumulate financial toll. And a toll it is on many for sure, as over 44 million borrowers struggle each month to make payments that may be over $350 a month. That may be difficult for anyone to pull off, even if you do have a great job and a good income. Factor in the home, the car payment, a bunch of credit cards, and you may be thinking of filing for bankruptcy as soon as possible.

Just as the looming question over our country currently is how we got into such a terrible student loan crisis, you may also have your own question regarding personal debt. Like so many other consumers, you probably haven’t been one to go out and spend wildly, but rather, you were brought down by a debilitating health issue (this is one of the most common reasons leading to bankruptcy), a tragic family event, or you may have lost your job suddenly. With no other income, credit cards often become an alternative. The problem is, they can get maxed out very quickly, and there is then the major issue of having to pay them off. This is the time to call an attorney from a firm like Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC so you can get your financial problems worked out before they get worse.

If debt progresses, you may have found yourself being sued. This can be a frightening and intimidating experience, but if you do not deal with it, a default judgment will probably be granted against you quickly. If that happens, speak to an attorney immediately. Do not just settle for accepting wage garnishments, property seizures, and levying of financial accounts. This is your chance to speak with a legal professional who can help you fight to have the judgment dismissed and then defend the collections lawsuit. Even if it in the end you end up negotiating and agreeing to satisfy the debt under some sort of discounted payment, from there on you can close the door on the debt, the lawsuit, and formulate a plan to move forward, begin saving again, and get yourself back into good financial health.

If you are concerned about impending creditor lawsuits or fighting a default judgment, consult with an experienced law firm like Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC as soon as possible. A solution can be found to help you through any of these issues, even if a judgment has already been granted.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in serving clients as they navigate through challenging financial situations, to include collection lawsuits, default judgments, and more. Let us review your case and discuss what would work best for you. We are here to help! Call us today for a free consultation at (855) 709-5788 or email us at info@debtorprotectors.com.

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