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Collection Lawsuit Responses: What Not to Say

collection lawsuit responses
  • Dec 28 2017

Credit card debt abounds in the US, surpassing $1 trillion, and making history as the most revolving debt ever owed in our country. Consumers can get more credit today as creditors are willing to lend, and revolving credit has been growing at nearly five percent. Many borrowers may have their debt load completely under control, even paying off credit card balances every month—but when disaster strikes, they may fall into trouble quickly, even considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Issues such as unemployment, divorce, and illness are usually at the center of financial issues.

If you are in debt and do not have the income to pay creditors, they are probably in harassment mode, with calls and letters coming at you in bountiful supply. Even so, you may be shocked to find that they have followed through and are really suing you. Other consumers may be so desensitized to their issues with debt that a process server arrives at their door with lawsuit documents and they just throw them on the pile with all the other bills and notices causing stress. And yet others may not even know they are being sued due to improper process of service.

Do Respond to a Collection Lawsuit!

The key, however, is to respond no matter what once you find that you are being sued—and to do so with the help of a skilled collections lawsuit or judgment attorney from a firm like Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC. While you may see little chance of winning against the creditor since you have no money to pay them, that is the one thing you do not want to announce; instead, your attorney can challenge the creditor and force them to put time and effort into the case—two things they generally want to avoid, considering how many other consumers will put up no fight at all. In being forced to show that they have true standing to sue you by producing all the paperwork for the account, they may back down completely. Responding with other challenges such as asking them to verify the amount owed and present all documentation and accounting for the debt may yield surprising results.

Creditors Often Back Down Quickly in the Face of a Court Battle

You may have other issues which must be brought before the court also in terms of a lawsuit. All too often today, delinquent accounts, collection lawsuits, and judgments are the results of identity theft and/or fraud. Because of such duplicitous activity, you may not have even realized there was an account or that it was in serious delinquency (or worse) until you were notified of a lawsuit or judgment. And even worse, you may not have known about the judgment until your wages were being garnished or property was seized.

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