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Is your Magazine Subscription a Scam?

  • Jul 19 2016

It seems that scammers are using every angle possible to take advantage of consumers, including magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Does the notice you get in the mail to renew your publication actually come from a legitimate company?
IsyourMagazineSubscriptionaScam36084864 Is your Magazine Subscription a Scam?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently filed a complaint against Liberty Publishers Service, Inc., Associated Publishers Network, Inc., Express Publishers Service, Inc., and others from soliciting new subscriptions and renewals from people. These companies mailed notices that appear to be official telling consumers that they need to make a payment to renew their subscription at the lowest possible rate.

According to the FTC, the notices were scams. The rates being offered were up to 40% more than the publishers’ rate. Some consumers never received their magazines or newspapers. When they tried to cancel their payments, they were unable to do so or get any form of refund.

In order to make sure you do not fall victim to this type of scam, you should pay for your subscription online at the publication’s website. Do not pay using information on a flyer. It is also better to pay using a credit card that offers fraud protections. Finally, closely review your bill and if you discover anything suspicious, contact the publication’s subscription department immediately.

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