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Finding a GREAT Debt Relief Lawyer

  • Apr 20 2016

FindingaGREATDebtReliefLawyer89084895 Finding a GREAT Debt Relief LawyerWhen you are struggling financially, the last thing you want is to work with an attorney who is going to waste your time and money. Selecting the right lawyer to represent you is one of the most important decisions you can make in obtaining the debt relief you need. Consider the following tips when you are looking for an attorney to assist you:

Do your research

There are a variety of ways you can find out information on a law firm and its lawyers. The Internet has numerous websites that allow you to verify their credentials as well as read feedback provided by other clients. For example, martindale.com, Avvo and the applicable state bar association website are all good sources to use. You can even see how the attorney is ranked by his peers.

It is also wise to review the lawyer’s own website to see what types of debt relief services he or she provides. You can see if debt relief services are their primary focus or just something they dabble in. If the attorney posts blogs or articles on debt relief topics, it is an indication that he or she is knowledgeable in the law and has the ability to explain it to others.


Word-of-mouth is still one of the best forms of advertisement. Ask your family or friends if they can recommend a good lawyer. But remember, just because they liked the attorney doesn’t mean they will be the right law firm for you. It is important that you follow your gut instinct and work with somebody that is right for you.

Initial consultations

Once you have the names of a few lawyers you are interested in, you should schedule appointments with them, especially if they offer free initial consultations. This is time to see if the attorney is easy to talk to and if he or she is somebody you trust.


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