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Medical Debt Collections

  • Sep 28 2015

Medical debt is one of the top types of debt that collectors are attempting to collect across our country. In fact, most consumers with an account in collection have medical debt. Having medical debt in collection can result in serious damage to your credit report.
medicaldebtpic46881459 Medical Debt Collections
So, how can you make sure that you keep your medical debt under control:

Always review your medical bills

You may receive a medical bill from a provider that you do not recognize, so it is important to check the date the service was providing to confirm you received medical treatment on that date. If you had extensive procedures or a complicated surgery, be sure to request an itemized bill from the provider to verify that you received all of the products and services listed.

Request documentation

If you receive a bill that you do not recognize, you must dispute the bill. This involves sending a written notice to the provider, including sending copies of all of your supporting documentation, including records from your physician, evidence of payments made, etc.

Verify insurance coverage

You should carefully review your insurance policy to make sure you understand what is covered and what is not. You must also ensure that your insurance information is updated and accurate. A small mistake in your insurance coverage can result in you being responsible to pay for expenses that your insurance should have covered!

Take action

If you have confirmed that you owe the medical bill, take action to get it resolved. This includes making sure your insurance company makes its payment for its portion of the bill. You may also be able to negotiate a payment plan with the provider for your portion of the bill. In many cases it is also possible to negotiate a lower amount to settle the bill. Just make sure you do something in order to prevent your account from going into collections, which will negatively impact your credit score. However, you should avoid paying your medical bills on your credit card if you are not able to pay it.

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