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Scams are Everywhere! Be sure to Avoid These

  • Sep 23 2015

scamsareeverywherepic33619131 Scams are Everywhere! Be sure to Avoid These
When you think of modern-day scams, you probably think of them occurring online or over the telephone. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are still some con artists that are bold enough to show-up on your front door step! Below are a few:

  • Home repair scams. Don’t be fooled by an individual (even a young teenager) that is going door to door asking to do your yardwork, painting or repairs around your home. Their price is typically pretty low so that you are tempted to take them up on it. The catch, however, is that they want a cash payment upfront and then you never see them again.
  • Cable reconnect scams. If your cable television has been turned off due to non-payment, you may be tempted to fall for this scam. It begins with a flyer announcing that you can get your cable reconnected for a very low price. You call the number on the phone, make your payment and the cable may or may not get reconnected for a short period of time. If your cable is reconnected and the real cable company catches on, you could get into trouble. And you can bet that the scammer has definitely taken your money and ran.
  • Utility scams. Con artists love it when a big power outage occurs. They go door to door claiming to be with a utility company and offering to reconnect your service for a small fee. Homeowners eager to get their electricity turned back on pay the fee and hours later they are still sitting in the dark, and a little bit poorer.

When it comes to alleged service providers appearing on your front door step, you should take every precaution to protect your money and your personal safety. Do not allow anyone to enter your home without a prescheduled appointment. In fact, you are not obligated to open your front door. You should never pay cash to anyone that appears at your door, regardless of who they claim to be. If you are tempted by a “special offer,” contact your service provider at the number on your bill. You should be particularly suspicious of any flyer that offers services from multiple providers because competitors usually do not advertise together.

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