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Why you should Immediately Correct Erroneous Bills

  • Jan 27 2015

<28241258_s44847713 Why you should Immediately Correct Erroneous Bills
In today’s world of identity theft, data hacking and simple human error, it is common for your bills to contain errors. Sometimes the problem can be resolve with a simple telephone call. Other times, however, creditors or debt collectors refuse to believe a mistake occurred and continue to pursue their collection efforts. Don’t give up or ignore it if this happens to you. If you’re being contacted by a creditor or collector, it is likely that your credit report is being negatively impacted.

Your credit score is one of the most important factors in qualifying for loans, obtaining low interest rates, or even being considered to rent a home. Because of the significance of your credit report, you cannot afford to ignore billing errors, even if the amount is small. It is assumed that the creditor is correct unless you object or fight the collection efforts. Credit agencies do not make an effort to protect you unless you notify them that you dispute the debt.

What should you do if you are getting collection calls for a bill that is not yours? Inform the collector that the debt is not yours and follow-up if necessary. If the collector refuses to correct it or continues to contact you, it is time call us for help. We will demand that the collector provide proof of the debt. If the creditor fails to respond to our validation request (which is common), we will demand that the collector cease all collection efforts for failure to properly authenticate the debt. We will also confirm that your credit score is not being damaged by the erroneous debt.

If the creditor files a collection lawsuit against you, we will aggressively fight for you. We will also pursue any available claims on your behalf, especially if the collector has violated the law in its contacts with you.

Whether you owe the debt or not, you deserve to be treated with respect and fairness. Contact our California Debtor Protection Law Firm with your questions, comments, and concerns, or for a free consultation. Speak to a CA credit card lawsuit and collection harassment lawyer at our firm today.

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