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Collection Harassment Continues Even After Lawsuit is Filed

  • Sep 16 2014

Being harassed by debt collectors is illegal and can be a horrible experience.  Although it can be a traumatizing, most people who are subjected to it do not file a lawsuit to protect their rights.  Sometimes, even when the debtor does file a lawsuit to end the illegal acts, the creditor continues to harass them.  This is exactly what happened in a case that is ongoing in California.

Farid Mashiri owes a health insurer, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, money after receiving medical treatment for cancer.  Kaiser attempted to collect this debt from Farid using illegal tactics such as harassment.    Farid had enough, so he hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the debt collectors affiliated with the company, Kaiser Collections Consultants of California.  Unfortunately, the harassment did not end.  The company continued to send Farid harassing letters and contact him via phone.  As Farid was represented by counsel, the collection agency was supposed to correspond directly with his attorney.  Since these violations of law happened after the first suit was filed, Farid filed a second suit, this time against Kaiser Foundation Health Plan themselves.

In the second lawsuit, Farid alleged that Kaiser uses illegal tactics to collect debts, even when they know they can face litigation, because they make more money in this way than they stand to lose in a lawsuit.  The theory behind this is that most debtors affected by illegal debt collection practices are unaware of their rights and/or what they need to do to invoke legal protections i.e. hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit.  He also asserted that Kaiser has made it a normal practice to use in these illegal tactics to collect debts.  The complaint states that Farid is seeking financial damages and is looking for the company to be punished for their violations by receiving sanctions.

You might be surprised at the number of collections officials that engage in illegal practices.  It is important to remember that you have rights and that you can be proactive in protecting them.  Contact Fitzgerald Campbell if you think you have been the victim of collection harassment or other illegal tactics.  Call (866) 927-8289 today.

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