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California Consumers Face New Debt Collection Challenges

  • Mar 31 2014

Consumers struggling to keep current on debt payments are often stunned by debt collectors’ collection tactics, which can include contacting a debtor’s employer, friends and family, as well as numerous phone calls, letters and threats of exposure and humiliation. Increasingly, consumers are facing an even more outrageous challenge: aggressive collection tactics for debts that have already been paid or, worse yet, were never even owed.

Statistics gathered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) speak for themselves. Of the six most common forms of debt collection complaints made by consumers, “continued attempts to collect debt not owed” is the most frequently reported, with 34 percent of consumers filing debt collection complaints with the CFPB who claim to have been contacted or harassed by debt collection agencies for debts they do not owe. How does this happen?

Often, debt that is considered difficult to recover is sold to a third-party debt collection agency, which in turn may sell collections rights to yet another agency. By the time a debt collection agency contacts a consumer to collect a debt, the legal right to collect the debt may have been owned by two, three or more debt collection organizations. If even one of these organizations fails to keep accurate records or makes an error, a consumer can face years of harassment regarding a debt that he or she either paid off long ago or never owed.

What can you do when you are being harassed for a debt you don’t owe in California?

Though numerous protections are in place to protect consumers from debt-related harassment, persuading a debt collection agency to cease contact can be an uphill battle. Often, the most effective solution is to work with a consumer debt protection attorney.

The attorneys of Fitzgerald Campbell in Orange in California have decades of combined experience resolving clients’ debt collection and harassment challenges. We can meet with you, assess the particulars of your situation and work to quickly and permanently halt creditor harassment via one or more effective legal options and tools. To contact us to discuss how we can resolve your debt collection challenges, call (866) 927-8289.

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