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Recent Case Settlement Reveals Unbelievable Debt Collection Practices

  • Oct 14 2013

Californians are protected under both the federal and California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under these statutes, creditors are required to implement reasonable tactics when collecting debt from consumers and are prohibited from using threatening language or a harassing approach. Under California’s laws, a creditor cannot call before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. and must limit communication to traditional mail upon your request. Unbelievably, creditors continue to ignore these debt collection limitations and engage in unlawful and distressing strategies in order to frighten debtors into remitting money they may or may not owe. If you believe your creditor is violating fair debt collection laws, such as those violations described below, a California debtors’ attorney can help protect your rights.

Creditor pays $1 million in fines for Collection Harassment

A California-based debt collection agency is facing seven-figure fines after it was found to be engaging in unscrupulous conduct against its debtors. In its allegations, the Federal Trade Commission revealed that National Attorney Collection Services Inc. and National Attorney Services LLC, both of Glendale, were unlawfully sending debtors harassing text messages while posing as a law firm and threatening to garnish the recipient’s wages for failure to reply. Under both California and federal laws, it is illegal for a creditor to contact a debtor via text message without consent. It is also illegal to pose as an attorney or law firm, or to threaten legal action which the creditor is not in a position to lawfully take.

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Relentless, unremitting calls from a collection agency can cause unnecessary family stress and turmoil. Fortunately, you can overcome some of this tension by working with a California attorney dedicated to protecting debtors from this type of conduct. For more information contact the Attorneys at Fitzgerald Campbell today for a free consultation.

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